How much does a resin drive cost?

A. Each installation is different and is based on several factors like condition, type of surface, what ground works are required, if any man hole covers need replacing, or if you require edging and so forth. The best answer is at worst no more than block paving and at best much cheaper than block paving.


Is the resin laid and put down with a machine?

A. No it’s all done by hand using a trowel and having our own training facility allows us to control the quality ourselves, all our installers are highly skilled so you can be assured of a quality finish every time.

I've heard there are different types of resin, what types are there?

A. Bound and bonded see our homepage there is a section dedicated to both.

How long does a drive take to install?

A. Not long at all, most installations where preparation is involved take a couple of days to install, many existing tarmac and concrete drives can be done in the same day


How do we clean it?

A. Pressure washing is the best way of cleaning your drive, but don’t worry; in your hand over folder which we give to you on completion of your drive installation contains cleaning and after care instructions


Frequently asked questions


Our valued customes are always asking us some great questions, below are some of the most frequently asked ones. If your question is not answered below then please contact us we will be happy to help.

If the resin is permeable and is laid on concrete or tarmac, will water just sit in the resin and cause it to lift?

A. No, once the water has drained through the resin it meets your existing surface and then falls away naturally as it does now, if you do have an issue with depth of standing water we can discuss drainage installation with you. 


What surfaces can you lay the resin on top of?

A. Unlike our competitors we install our                       system on to many sub bases and we still offer the standard 10 year guarantee. Your no obligation survey will allow us to carry out a fuller assessment


What does the guarantee cover me against?
A. Loose stones, cracking, oil damage causing a breakdown of the resin, frost, workmanship
How long will a resin drive last?

A. Manufacturer testing estimates 20 years before small defects are likely, we guarantee the installation and drive for 10 years

How long before we can use the drive after it has been laid?

A. Ideally overnight before you can walk on it but no less than 8 hours and a further 24 hours before you can drive on it

Are the drives slippy? 

A. The system is slip resistant but when they are weathered in and trafficked more the slip resistance increases, if slips are a concern we can add further resistance just ask to speak to one of our surface technicians.

What happens when the water in the drive freezes will it crack?

A. No, you will have seen resin on council highways and concourses, outdoor car parks and the like, the                     system is designed to cope with minus degree temperatures, and all the stone is coated in the resin so water can’t penetrate it.

What happens on a no obligation survey?

A. Education. We will answer any questions you have on the installation process specific to your project and the product itself, measure the area and leave to compile a quote to send to you.

What doesn’t it cover me for?

A. We can’t be responsible for acts of GOD, so earth movement that registers on the Richter scale, extreme natural flooding, or things you don’t tell us about like parking a caravan on it 9 months of the year! Although if you tell us about it first we can take measures in the installation so it will withstand a caravan!

How do you book a survey?

A. Follow this link and remember that YRC do not pressure sell.
















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